Face to Face

RED C have our own internal field department, with a number of Field managers and Executives, who manage all our face to face research including door to door in home, intercept surveys, exit surveys, hall tests and focus group recruitment.


We have in place a panel of 200 interviewers nationwide in the Republic of Ireland.
We also have a 50 strong face to face fieldforce in Northern Ireland.

RED C’s interviewers are individually trained to the highest quality standards and among the best in the industry.

The range of approaches used by RED C in face to face covers the spectrum including In home, on street, hall tests, exit and in store surveys.

Face to face research incorporates a large number of research areas including Ad & Brand Tracking, Product Testing, Usage & Attitudes surveys, Customer Segmentation, Customer Satisfaction & Category management to name a few.


RED C pride itself on very high quality control procedures which are key to the success of our organisation. All research projects have a quality control procedure implemented to ensure the highest standards.

  • Questionnaires are piloted in house prior to going to field to ensure the interview flows effectively and the questions effectively address the research objectives.
  • Interviewers are fully briefed by the RED C team to ensure they are fully aware of any issues which may arise on each specific project.
  • All interviews are fully edited on return to the office.
  • 20%+ of all research projects are back-checked.  This procedure ensures the interviewer administered the questionnaire instructions to the highest quality, explained the confidentiality of the respondent was guaranteed, was polite and conducted the interview with professionalism.