RED C have a team of highly experienced qualitative moderators, many of whom are dualist researchers that are able to work with customers, developing understanding through qualitative research and then quantify this.


Our qualitative team love nothing better than talking to customers and uncovering their deep seated attitudes and view on life, the universe and everything!
We want to get to the heart of consumer insight truths. To do this we use lots of different techniques, including:-

  • One to one in depth conversations, either over coffee, on the phone or even online.
  • Bringing groups of people together to talk about how they feel about our clients area of concern, and develop conversations that uncover the insights behind opinions.
  • Develop new ideas with a combination of our clients and their customers in workshops, or see what the people working with the products can bring to the table.


The most important thing we do is “listen” to what they have to say, and also to what they don’t say!
We also encourage them to open up, and get beyond what they think we want to hear, using a range of clever techniques to suit the occasion.

This might include asking them to keep diaries, or forcing them to make a case for their behaviour or beliefs through altered state groups, or asking them to identify how they feel through pictures.

Whatever it takes we use any technique that means we are able to really understand consumer motivations and behaviour that underpin our clients area of concern.