Research Services

There are many tools available in research to help us to reach the ultimate objective of delivering insight for brands. Different tools have their strengths and weaknesses depending on the target
and insight desired.

RED C have a team of executive researchers who are expert in all methods of research and can bring any tool or combination of tools to a project in order to maximise insight generation.

The business is always developing the latest tools for use, while also ensuring the highest levels of quality and reliability in the research we conduct. Techniques used cover the complete spectrum available, from the latest trends in research approach through to traditional but high quality research.

For any project we have the expertise to conduct all methodologies. Our membership of the Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research (WIN) finally also allows us to co-ordinate all of these types of research not only in Ireland, but across 51 different countries worldwide.

All of our research is of the highest standard available, to ensure that insight generated is based on reliable research foundations.

To this end we are members of and abide by the codes of conduct set out by ESOMAR (The European Society of Marketing and Research), the MRS (The Market Research Society) and AIMRO (The Association of Irish Market Research Organisations).