Support for Fiscal Stabilty Treaty grows

Published by: Richard Colwell


Against a backdrop of voters in countries across Europe showing signs of a rebellion against austerity, Ireland in contrast appears determined not to rock the boat, with a surge in support for ratifying the Fiscal Stability treaty in today’s poll.

This increased support for the Yes camp comes despite the uncertainty that the recent Greek elections and that of Francois Hollande to President of France, have raised about how important the ratification of the treaty by Ireland may be. Whether this is due to the proliferation of Yes vote posters put up in past two weeks, or the queue of senior political figures backing the Yes campaign in the media in unclear, but a combination of these factors appears to have done their job to date, and had a significant impact on voter attitudes towards the upcoming Fiscal Treaty referendum.

Download the full report below:-

SBP 13th May 2012 Poll Report