Paddy Power referendum poll 18th May

Published by: Richard Colwell


The latest RED C/Paddy Power poll for the Fiscal Stability Treaty sees a relatively stable proportion of voters suggesting they will vote Yes, with the proportion high enough to suggest that Treaty currently remains likely to be passed.

However it does suggests a slight shift towards more undecided voters away from the Yes camp, when compared to the last RED C poll a week ago.

In today’s poll, just under two thirds of the population (59%) claim they will definitely go and vote in the Referendum, with 14% suggesting they will definitely not or are very unlikely to go and vote.  RED C poll analysis excludes this 14% as previous analysis suggests they are very unlikely to vote.

Half (50%) of all likely voters claim that they will vote yes to ratify the treaty, 31% claim they will vote No and 19% remain undecided. When these ‘undecided’ voters are excluded, the ‘Yes’ side secures 62% of the vote and 38% are left voting No.

Paddy Power – 18th May Fiscal Stability Treaty Referendum Poll 2012