Michael D Higgins leads the race for president

Published by: Richard Colwell


Michael D Higgins leads the race for president in the latest Paddy Power/RED C poll taken between the 5th and 7th Sept.

This is the first poll that only includes those currently likely to be on teh ballot paper, with the possible addition of a Sinn Fein candidate still to come.  Higgins secures 36% of the first preferences, and as such leads the field by12% at this stage of the campaign.

Gay Mitchell secures the second highest preference vote, taking 24% first preferences, and means he has a lot to do to catch the front runner.  However there is a suggestion from the poll that Higgins support is wavering somewhat, with a fall of 3% when compared to an analysis of these candidates only from a poll conducted a month ago.

As the field had changed this analysis was done by looking at the first preferences for these candidates only, and then adding their second preferences form the candidate that were also included in that poll, such as Gay Byren and Brian Crowley.

Mitchell’s own support has remained relatively steady over the past month, as has Sean Gallagher’s who secures 21% share in today’s poll.

While still propping up the rear of the candidates, it is Mary Davis who has made the biggest gains in today’s poll.  She secures 19% of the first preference vote, up 4% on the analysis conducted a month ago.

All the candidates will  be pleased to see that the Irish public remain behind the concept of having an elected President, with 63% saying they feel it is important.  However a large chunk 30% state that they don’t know how they would vote, of would not vote for any of the candidates currently available to them.

Download the full poll results below:-

30311 – Paddy Power – President Poll – 8th Sept 2011