Is the honeymoon over for Fine Gael and Labour?

Published by: Richard Colwell


This months RED C /Sunday Business Post Tracking poll, conducted between the 19th and 21st September suggests that the honeymoon for the government parties may well be over.

After the visits of Obama and The Queen support for Fine Gael had never been higher, but the halo of post election victory appears to have run its course, with party support dropping 8% since before the summer break.  While this does leave their first preferecne share just 3% down on that achieved in the general election, it does suggest that things are going to get tougher for the government over the coming months – particularly with the budget on the horizon.

Labour also suffers, with support for the party dropping by 3% since May.  The big winners are Sinn Fein whose support rises 4% and Indpendent candidates.

To read the full report on the poll, including analysis of why we think these shifts are occurring please download the full report below.

SBP 25th Sept Poll 2011 Report