Nuclear energy global poll – Red C & WIN/Gallup International

Published by: Richard Colwell


JAPAN EARTHQUAKE JOLTS GLOBAL VIEWS ON NUCLEAR ENERGY: Net favour globally falls from 25% to a mere 6%. However, supporters continue to outnumber opponents by 49% : 43%

Zurich / Dublin , April 19, 2011

Net favour worldwide falls from 25% to a mere 6%, as hundreds of millions worldwide become concerned about Nuclear Leakages and switch sides from favouring to opposing Nuclear Power. However, supporters continue to outnumber opponents by 49% : 43%.

The sharpest fall in support comes from Japan itself where Net Favor fell by 41%: from 34% prior to the earthquake to minus 7% in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami which damaged Japanese nuclear power plants at Fukushima.

The Irish View:-  Irish opinion prior to the earthquake in Japan was already negative towards nuclear energy.  This opinion is contrary to the worldwide view.  The events in Fukushima only further compounded our negative stance towards nuclear energy in the data collected by RED C.

The internatrional poll was carried out by WIN-Gallup International, the world’s largest and the oldest network of independent opinion pollsters.  RED C was delighted to be invited to join this prestigious network of independent research companies, and this is the first of many international polls we will be conducting.

The WIN group is the largest association of independent market research and polling firms in the world.  It is made up of 72  large independent market research and polling firms in their respective countries, with a combined revenue of over $500 Million and covering 89% of the world’s market.

The benefit of using RED C to coordinate your international project needs is the ability to work with only one market research expert, with intensive knowledge and experience, to co-ordinate your international studies anywhere in the world.  To find out more about the worldwide coverage RED C can now provide please contact us directly at 018186316.

Download the full Nuclear Energy press release below:

RED C Research – Press Release Japan Earthquake Survey _Snap Poll_