Mobile behaviour and the implications for successful mobile advertising

Published by: Richard Colwell


IAB Ireland (Internet Advertising Bureau Ireland) commissioned RED C to conduct research into a Study “A Mobile Future”, in order to better understand mobile consumption and attitudes among Irish users, while also looking at how brands can succeed in using this medium for advertising. A survey was conducted among a representative sample of Smartphone users, and the findings from this were analysed along with a complimentary series of depth interviews among industry experts, to understand what are the barriers to advertising on mobile and what do we need to do to succeed in this medium.

Consumer activity online is being driven by a shift to more mobile surfing. The increased penetration of smartphone (54%) and tablet (30%) ownership is driving the overall time spent online during the day to close to 3hrs among those with a smartphone device. A quarter of that time online is through the phone itself, with a further 10% through a tablet. More and more the primary usage of a phone is for online browsing, in fact 41% of smartphone owners use it more for browsing online than for calls and texts.

The clear message from this research is that if it isn’t already, mobile has to be at the heart of your digital strategy. The challenge for brands is fast implementation, while keeping up with consumer’s needs, and ensuring the message is both relevant and provides value.

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IAB – RED C – A Mobile Future – November 2013