Significant uplift in proportion of Irish population claiming felt hunger since 2005

Published by: Richard Colwell


A global poll of perceived hunger shows that 12% of the world say there was a time during the last 12 months when they did not have enough to eat. Among them are 3% who report acute hunger and say that they often did not have enough to eat. According to the latest findings on felt-Hunger, 88% of the world claims to be free from felt-Hunger.

On examination of the Irish data compared to 2005 data a significant shift is noted in the Irish results. In 2005 the research showed a negligible proportion of the Irish population claiming to have not had enough to eat sometimes or often in the previous 12 months.  This has risen to 14% of the population now claiming insufficient food in the previous 12 months.

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Global Poll – Felt-Hunger Index