Red C joins the WIN-Gallup International Network

Published by: Richard Colwell


RED C are delighted to announce that we have joined the WIN-Gallup International Network,
the world’s largest and oldest network of independent market research and polling

We were honoured to be invited to join this prestigious network of independent
research companies which enables us to conduct research anywhere in the world –
managed from our office in Dublin. It also gives us access to the best knowledge,
expertise and methods in the world across key sectors including global studies
and trends.

Our Managing Director and Co-Founder Richard Colwell has joined the WIN Expert
Group for the IT/Telecom sector, which will draw on IT and Telecoms research being
conducted by the group including a syndicated international survey that will be
conducted later in the year.

The WIN Network is made up of 67 of the largest independent market research and
polling firms in their respective countries, with a combined revenue of over $600 Million
and covering 89% of the world’s market. These companies came together to create a
global platform for market research, while delivering the highest quality of expertise,
professionalism and client care, at the most competitive price.

The benefit of using RED C to coordinate your international project needs is the ability to
work with only one market research expert, with intensive knowledge and experience, to
co-ordinate your international studies anywhere in the world.

There are five key reasons to choose the WIN Network:

  1. Simplicity + Only one contact in your own country to coordinate your multi-country research
  2. Excellence + WIN is the most recognized name in the world and is reputed for excellence in market research.
  3. Efficiency + Members of the network have been chosen based on the quality of their work and their efficiency to deliver high level client service.
  4. Expertise + WIN network created sector expert groups which give clients access to the best knowledge in the world.
  5. Economy + WIN network gives you access to the world at a competitive price with no overhead or administrative cost as you may get with big private networks.


During the year ahead we will be taking part in a number of syndicated projects with other
members of the network, the results from which we will publish in Ireland. We will also be
evaluating new research products used by the group, and introducing some of these tried
and tested innovations to further enhance our insight offering to our clients.