Red C credit crunch Tracking Oct 2013 – consumer confidence on the rise, increased consumer spend imminent

Published by: Jimmy Larsen


On the day before the release of the Budget for 2014, the most recent wave of the RED C Credit Crunch Tracker shows that consumer confidence is increasing across the nation with consumers across age & life stages feeling more positive about the outlook for the Irish economy, the housing market and the job market. However, a two tier economic outlook is evident with Dubliners far more positive than those living outside the capital.

We also see far less expressing that they have been negatively impacted by the economic climate in the past three months and, as a result of this, we see signs of recovery in terms of consumer spend. Yet, consumer spend is increasing at a much slower pace than the improvements in consumer confidence – indicating that further good news and consolidation of the current outlook is required for spend to take fully off.

Finally, the mood of the Nation has improved significantly since October last year – we feel both happier and more energetic today.

Download the latest report of the RED C Credit Crunch Tracking here:
RED C – Credit Crunch Tracking – October 2013