RED Rapid

Overnight Quantitative Insight. RED Rapid provides feedback for key business decisions by accessing a sample of the population to provide insight against a short list of questions with results posted to your inbox the next day!

Download the RED Rapid Brochure here: RED Rapid Brochure

In RED C we understand that sometimes you need results from our surveys yesterday!

RED Rapid is the fastest quantitative feedback we provide. It targets a sample of between 150-200 members of the public to provide feedback on a short list of quick questions that you require immediate feedback on.

We agree a short list of 2-3 questions on day one and the next day we provide you with insight from our dedicated panel respondents.

Using an online research approach and working from a panel of the Irish population we pitch your questions to the population and provide you with their answer the next day.

All we ask is that you confirm your questions with us by 12pm on day one and we will provide you with topline results the next day. It’s a simple and straightforward as that!


The primary benefit of RED Rapid is that it facilitates consumer insight in the business decision making process. This is often compromised by the time lag between one and the other.

In terms of the projects RED Rapid works best for we have listed some below

  • Message testing
  • Feedback on topical and time sensitive issues
  • Quick input to decision making
  • Reassurance that you are making the right decision

PowerPoint charts can be produced as part of the next day delivery allowing you to share and communicate the results from the survey within and outside your organisation.


Where possible target market sample for your brand can be generated within the online panel. If the target is broad it is likely that all 200 respondents can be recruited within your target. Failing that we recruit a broad spectrum of the population and can impose broad sample quotas to ensure all genders and age ranges are included within the sample.


On the basis of a sample of 200 respondents in the general population and a limit of 3 closed ended questions the cost to run a RED Rapid is very cost effective, ensuring you access consumer opinion in a timely fashion at a price that is right.

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