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World survey shows 7 in 10 Irish people likely to get COVID-19 vaccine

WIN International, the world’s leading association in market research and polling, of which RED C Research is the Irish member, has published the first release from the Annual WIN World Survey (WWS – 2020) exploring the views and beliefs of 26,757 people from 32 countries across the globe about the pandemic.

The first release analyses views and opinions related to the vaccine, the way governments handled the health crisis, the capacity of the national health systems, and the likelihood of travelling in 2021.


Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine

  1. The majority (71%) of Irish people say they will get the COVID-19 vaccine, with nearly 2 in 5 (38%) saying they will definitely get it. 1 in 10 definitely will not.
  2. Slightly more men saying they will get it than women (76% vs 66%).
  3. People in the vulnerable ‘over-55s’ category (81%) as well as higher social grades (77%) are most likely to say they will get the vaccine.
  4. This places Ireland at the global average, behind the UK (81%), but ahead of European countries like Germany (65%) and France (44%).


Rating the Irish government’s performance during COVID-19

  1. More than 6 in 10 (63%) Irish people feel that the Irish government has performed well in handling the crisis. This compares to only 35% of those surveyed in the UK who believe the British government has performed well.
  2. Those in older 55+ age groups (78%) and higher social grades (70%) have been especially happy with the government’s actions, while groups disproportionately affected by the crisis (18-34’s and lower social grades) are more critical of the government.
  3. Compared to the other 31 countries surveyed, Irish people are on average happier with the government’s response to the pandemic, with the same favourability rating as in Germany (61%), where the government has been internationally praised for their reaction to the crisis.


Rating the Health System’s capacity during COVID-19

  1. Over half of those surveyed have a poor view of the capacity of the Irish health system, with 1 in 5 rating it ‘very badly’ and 18-34’s being most critical.
  2. Just under half (46%) rate the capacity of the Irish health system positively.
  3. Irish people have been less satisfied with the capacity of the health service to cope with the crisis than in most other countries surveyed, including Germany (81%), the United Kingdom (71%), and the United States (62%).


 Travel in 2021

  1. Although less than 4 in 10 Irish people (38%) say they are likely to take a foreign holiday in 2021, this is significantly above the global average (29%) and is also on par with the United Kingdom (37%) and Germany (39%).
  2. In terms of business travel, fewer than 1 in 10 Irish people (7%) anticipate travelling abroad for business during 2021, compared to an international average of 17%.




The Vaccine

  1. Globally, the vast majority of people (71%) say they are likely to be vaccinated against COVID-19 when a vaccine is available, with lower education levels and unemployed peoples expressing less interest in getting vaccinated.
  2. Among the regions, APAC (80%) is most willing to be vaccinated, with Vietnam (98%), and China (91%) being the countries that lead the world ranking. On the other hand, in countries such as Serbia (62%), Croatia (59%), France (56%) and Lebanon (56%), the vast majority of the population is still not convinced to get vaccinated.
  3. Considering that each country has to get a minimum of 65% vaccine take up to achieve herd immunity, there is important work to be done in terms of information and awareness to convince especially those people who say that they probably won´t get vaccinated (17%), a percentage that varies among countries. It is important to consider that 12% don’t want to receive the vaccine against Covid-19.


Governments and the Health System

  1. The APAC region stands out again when it comes to positively evaluating the way in which the government handled the pandemic crisis (73%) and the capacity of the health system (79%).
  2. The countries that best evaluated both institutions are China and Vietnam with scores that exceeded 90% approval, while Poland (81%), Spain (72%), Lebanon (72%) and Ecuador (70%) harshly evaluated the actions of their governments.
  3. When rating their health system, Poland (87%) and Ecuador (78%) come up again among the countries who gave a stricter evaluation, followed by Perú with a rating of 70% (rather badly + very badly).


Travelling in 2021

  1. Regarding the possibility of travelling abroad in 2021, either for holidays or work, 65% and 77% see it as unfeasible respectively.
  2. However, there are certain countries with a greater predisposition to travel: at the top of the list is Nigeria with a score above 50%. China reports one of the highest level of people willing to vaccinate and at the same time the lowest level of intention to travel next year.

Download the full release and report below:

WIN World Survey – Post Coronarivus Times – Press Release – December 2020

WIN World Survey – Post Coronavirus Times – Irish Summary Results 23.12.20