Obama wins world poll by a landslide

Published by: Richard Colwell


A new global poll from WIN GIA pollsters across 32 countries, shows that among those who choose one of the two candidates, 81% would support Obama while 19% support Romney.  Strongest levels of support for Obama were seen in Iceland, Netherlands, Portugal, Germany, Ireland and Denmark.  Romney received preference over Obama only in Israel, but also sees relatively better support in Pakistan and Georgia.

In Ireland, where RED C Research is the WIN GIA member, support is also strong for Obama, with 56% supporting Obama, and just 2% supporting Romney, while 35% state that it makes no difference to them and 7% say either or Don’t know.  Of those that expressed a preference for one candidate or another, this leaves Obama with a 96% share of the Irish electorate.

The world-wide poll conducted by WIN-Gallup International, a network of the world’s top most independent pollsters, with RED C its representative in Ireland, asked exactly the same questions in 32 countries across the globe, interviewing 26,000 people.

62% of the world feels that the impact of the US Presidential Elections on the daily life of their country is either very high or high. And because of this influence,  42% of the population at large in 32 countries, believe that they should have the right to vote in  America’s Presidential election.

Download the full report for more information here:

RED C & WIN press release – Attitudes to US Election around the World – 11th Sep 2012