Majority Support Gov Plans for Refugees with Garda vetting

Published by: Richard Colwell


There is a polarised attitude towards the number of Syrian refugees the Irish Government has committed to taking into Ireland.  A third of all adults claim they believe 4000 is too many, but half believe it is just right, while 1 in 5 believe it is not enough and that we should take more.  In total therefore the majority of Irish residents (67%) do support the commitment by the government to take in 4000 refugees.

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Those that believe 4000 is “too many” are more likely to come from more working class backgrounds, and come from mid age groups 35-54 year olds, living in Munster and in particular those that are unemployed at present.

The majority of all adults (68%) do not however believe that refugees should have an automatic entitlement to social welfare payments.  With men, those from more working class backgrounds and those aged 35-44 least likely to agree.  Almost half of all adults (49%) also believe that taking in 4,000 Syrian refugees will result in increased crime in Ireland, with those in both the youngest and oldest age groups most concerned.

Building on this concern about crime and apparent caution to bringing in refugees to the country, almost all adults (88%) believe that refugees should be Garda vetted before entering Ireland.

However despite this, there remains an openness to accommodating refugees, with 6 in 10 claiming they are happy to have refugees live in close proximity to their home.  This openness is particularly seen more so in Dublin and among women, though farmers are also positive.

Local authority provided accommodation is considered most suitable for housing refugees, with 65% of all adults agreeing that these are suitable. Communal accommodation in direct provisions is also accepted, but to a  lesser degree at just 43%. Voluntary hosts (38%) and private accommodation such as hostels and hotels (26%) are not as strongly endorsed by the public, with least support for these options among the oldest 65+ age groups.

Richard Colwell, CEO RED C, “It is clear that Immigration is an issue that divides voters in Ireland.  1 in 5 voters are not happy bringing in 4000 refugees from Syria, and many more are concerned about the possible impact on Crime and Terrorism Threats.  However, if assured by proper vetting the majority of Irish citizens retain their legendary welcome for outsiders, showing a clear desire to help at least the 4000 refugees that has been agreed, and an openness to accommodating them in close proximity to their homes.”

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