Irish Dislike for Theresa May Rivalled Only by the Germans

Published by: Richard Colwell


New research on world leaders from WIN, of which RED C is the Irish member; and their partners Gallup International, who together represent 55 countries around the world shows.

  • Irish Citizens have a much lower net favourability for Theresa May than citizens in the rest of the EU.  In fact Irish Citizens are only rivalled by German citizens in their NET negative favourability of Theresa May.  Citizens of both countries see Theresa May very unfavourably, with 68% of the Irish regarding May unfavourably, and just 22% who regard her favourably.  Among all EU countries covered only Italy and Poland see May favourably.



  • The Irish also have an even more negative view of US President Trump than other citizens across the world, and also a more negative view of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
  • The Irish do however have a more positive view of French President Macron, and a somewhat more positive view of German Chancellor Merkel, with only the Pope getting a more favourable rating among Irish citizens.
  • EU leaders are viewed the most favorably around the world, with Angela Merkel the most favoured leader. 49% hold a favourable view of her, up from 42% two years ago. She just beats the new comer President Macron, who 45% hold a favourable view towards (compared with 42% who scored his predecessor President Hollande favourably).



  • President Trump has a very poor rating across the world, with only 31% holding a favourable view of him, while 58% hold an unfavourable view.  This is a significant decline when compared to Obama, which when taken two years ago saw almost three in five (59%) of those polled throughout 65 countries around the world held a favourable view
  • President Putin favourability has improved over the same two year time period, from one in three (33%) viewing him favourably to 43% this year, a significant increase over two years. President Putin polls favourably in most regions of the world except the US (14%) and EU-Europe (28%), but still higher than the 20% favourability for President Trump).
  • However, of all world leader measured, it is Pope Francis who records the highest level of favourability – 56%, rising to 75% of those surveyed in Latin America and 66% of those living in EU-Europe.

For more information download the full report below:

RED C WIN World Leaders Poll – Dec 2017