Consumer Sustainability Tracking – Majority support immediate action on the environment

Published by: Derek Bell


The very first RED C Consumer Sustainability Tracker shows that the vast majority (89%) of adults aged 18+ are supportive of immediate action on the environment in order to protect our children. This report comes amidst growing support in Ireland for environmental campaigns and initiatives in the wake of the “Greta” effect and significant global climate events throughout 2019.

In line with this positivity, 79% believe their personal actions can improve the environment, which suggests the potential for a wider shift toward environmentally friendly consumer behaviours.


Despite these positive signs, however, breaking through well-established behavioural norms poses a significant challenge, with RED C results showing a clear reluctance by consumers to pay more for brands and products that are environmentally friendly, to stop eating red meat in the future, or to stop making non-essential travel abroad.

That being said, there are indications that brands who offer consumers solutions to these challenges will be uniquely positioned compared to those who do not, and that gradual, subtle nudging through brand messaging is the way to do this.

In the short term, look to brands to push ‘alternative’ products that are environmentally friendly that don’t require major changes to consumer behaviour (i.e. Burger King’s plant-based Impossible Whopper).


Download the full report on the first ever RED C Consumer Sustainability Tracker here.

RED C Consumer Sustainability Tracking – 15th January 2020