The impact of mobile & native advertising

The impact extends beyond simply creating awareness of a new French wine range in Lidl to impact overall brand consideration for Lidl and brand perceptions in terms of product range,…


Back to the Future – Marketing for another 30 years

Growing up, and even now to this day – one of my favourite movie lines of all time has to be from the ultimate sci-fi comedy classic Back to the…


Gamification in Research – more accessible than you think!

It’s just over a month since the marriage referendum, and already the landscape of political support is changing. Government parties had noticed significant gains in support in the run up…


Marketing ‘Ireland’

With St.Patricks day looming, the landscape of Dublin, and indeed Ireland already appears to be changing – green hats, scarves, bunting, green beer, influx of tourists, the usual. Arguably St….


5 trends in TV watching and what do they mean for advertisers?

For so long, the TV has dominated our living room and even our culture. But the time of the TV is waning and the last decade has brought a lot…


Maximising customer utility

What makes a satisfied customer and how do we ensure that it’s not a fleeting emotion? We in RED C predicate many of our insight recommendations on the quantitative answers…


Building brand connection

In a world where consumers are sharing opinions, openly talking about what they like / don’t like about brands and their advertising, how does a brand connect? How do we…


Online engagement

I recently joined an online group. I’m not a big online contributor, but I thought the things people might have to say in this group would be of interest to…


Here comes summer!

Let us don our shortest shorts and fall over our flip flops in the rush to get to the beach. Ah but wait… We live in Ireland. So planning for…


The joy of moderating focus groups

People often ask what it is like to moderate a focus group. It’s hard to sum up, but like most things worth doing in life, it is a combination of…

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Fianna Fáil support falls back

The standout feature of this poll is the fall-back in Fianna Fáil support following a recent revival that saw them neck-and-neck with Fine Gael on voting intention. Their support now…

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Do undecided voters = desire for new party?

A lot has been made about the supposedly high levels of undecided voters in recent polls published in Ireland, with some even suggesting that this points to the desire for…