39% of those liable will not pay household charge

Published by: Richard Colwell


The latest Paddy Power/ RED C  poll finds  that only 61% of households, that claim they are liable, will pay the household charge, with 39% of those who know they are liable stating that they will not pay the charge.

Older voters are more likely to have paid, but almost half of those in the 18-54 year old age groups, who are liable state that they will not pay the charge.

Over 1 in 10 (13%) also claim that they are not aware if they are liable or not, and this tends to be those in younger age groups.  While a quarter (24%) state they know that they are not liable to pay.

To find out more on this and the EU treaty download the full report below:-

Paddy Power – 29th March Household Charge & EU Referendum Poll 2012